Havana, Cuba: Photos

Bruh. There are too many words.

Look at these photos first.

(trust me there’s more.)

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I miss the weight of him.

i miss how he’d annoy me so sex would have just a dash of anger to it.

high different ways on the same substance.

a medley of music and photos lends to the cacophony that begins.

I am panting anticipation dripping out of me as quickly as he enters.

Depth surrounds us.

The edges of me begin to blur into him.

ecstasy is lingering and palpable.

His heat liquefies all my worries.

I am left to smolder as we cool.

He doesn’t know how quickly I’d prefer to be consumed.

too small. – 1 year ago.

The first time I realized New York was too small it was too late.

You saw me and I saw you and we both said nothing.

Ran off in opposite directions only to come back again.

“so I saw you last time. and you’re on instagram at afropunk feeling yourself hun?”

“oh so you’re lurking hun?”

I can see the spark in your eyes.

you changed the subject.


110 words 1 year ago.

Caught up in silence.

it’s quiet here, she says.

she rolls over to the scent of burning

( she’s burning  )

she half sees him

come to bed, she says.

he can feel her yearning

he pulls her up

let me take a picture he says

he had his hands on his camera

but there was fear in her eyes

with your phone, he adds

her fear protected him.

she thought it was to make her feel more comfortable

she wanted to believe that

in her heart she felt that


his fingers run across each her

she slaps him distracted.

he gets that spark in his eyes that makes her weak








slathered in metal armor she is malleable.


she covers me.

at night she sparkles, spinning, spectacularly



Densely bound, she shines.

She laughs at flames that dare to lick her face.

White hot she pierces past perceptions plainly prismed

wrapped in wind, she a whisp of a whispered memory almost always forgotten

she is bold.

The cover of night can not shield from her iridescence.

In the noise she breathes bringing babel beside her breast bringing

life to those who’ve lived her

deafening those who silence her

impervious to the terrors of humanity

she spun shining over me


i sent word to iris hoping she’d find me.

it’s been years since we spoke.