She and Him. 

It hits you like a roaring fire. It is all consuming and effortless. The most pure pulse of addictions. It twirled her round and round its fingers sending her spinning into space. She could feel her blood thickening from its existence in her. It got her high. It made her see the stars much more closely than they appeared. She was her best in it. She could see past herself in it. She was able to untwine the knots decorating her soul. It made her question herself; it forced a change in her. She knew she had played a chilish game, but there was something about this that triggered her. Something that shot through the aftermath and flung itself onto her. It was the draw of something so much more; something that would change all of them forever. 

He could see how her body seemed to tense around him. He saw the flicker in her eyes when she stared at him too long. He noticed how relieved she would be when he would smirk and ask how she was doing. He loved watching her stumble through saying goodbye. He’d taunt her every time, teetering in and out constantly, watching her battle her desire to be wrapped in his arms for a moment or wave it off. He could see how she itched with nervousness at the idea of feeling the sting of electricity from his skin. He loved the way she nervously fiddled with her hair. She would make a horrible poker player. Her laugh turned into the soft moan she would let out when he overcame her. It was hard for him, harder than he had expected,but she was like jumping into a waterfall. She was too new a theory; logic told him the safe bet is the formula at home. New had to be tried and tested and worked on, and he was too afraid. He longed to unlock her secrets, to find the truth she kept hidden beneath her waterfall. He stood at the edge of the cliff, skipping stones, longing to let go. 


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