The Unpopular Opinion. 

Black people. We need to stop encouraging the violent protestors in Baltimore. Now don’t get all uppity right now. We’ve all seen what can happen to one of us when the violence turns fatal. 

We need to be peaceful for us. For our safety. 


We have to fight for our justice. We have to centralize our voice. We have to be on one accord in order to actually do anything. 

Now let me say this; I do understand why people are choosing to riot. I do not think it should have happened, but it did. Yes we shouldn’t have to defend ourselves, but we’re black, guys. Olivia Pope was not the first or last to hear the “you have to work twice as hard to be just as good,” lecture. 

Now white people, if you haven’t noticed this hasn’t really been about you. But I’m going to include you for a moment because I know deep down if I don’t you’ll complain about it and ask why I refuse to accept you and see you as a real person and that we’re all the same and shouldn’t see color but you still don’t understand why black people are upset. 

Other persons of color, I include you in my charge.  While our struggles aren’t the same you can replace “black” with “[insert race here]” because we share a past of oppression. We need to find the unity in our struggles and use that to change the world. 


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